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Purchase Business Intelligence Software – These days you can buy some really good analytics software. It has improved dramatically over the last ten years, and today it enables rapid report development, easy dashboarding and robust ad-hoc data analysis. You can host or install it on-premise, and run it on any database in almost any environment. Moreover, it can be easily used by almost anyone. This is great.

Moreover, the companies selling these amazing applications have it down to a science. In the demo you’ll see how easy it is to drag measurements to create charts, then add filters or perform time-comparison analysis, then create beautiful visualizations with just a few clicks. And while the software has improved, the cost has actually gone down. Heck, you can go the SAAS route and get started with almost no investment.

Purchase Business Intelligence Software

Understand, the temptation to buy it is very high. Sales are through the roof. They’re so high, in fact, I’m betting this warning comes too late for 90% of readers because you’re already invested. But let’s not stop us from talking about what’s really going on here.

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Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself how I can make this outlandish claim when I just went ahead and talked about how the software itself is awesome. Good question. Let me explain.

You see, our company is the one you call after making such a purchase and quickly realizing that the software doesn’t give you the capabilities it did in the demo. This is never a good situation, and the general consensus is that a mistake has been made. Management is disappointed with the purchase. The technical team is frustrated with the software vendor. And end users are frustrated with the technical team. This happens with surprising regularity, and we had a front-row seat to witness it time and time again.

Of course, the software itself is not the problem. It has the same capabilities as it did when you watched the demo, or even more when you purchase. The problem is outside of the software.

There are a variety of factors that can affect performance when you get software. Some of these are obvious, such as system hardware, solution architecture and software setup and configuration. It’s normal to need specialized expertise to properly implement analytics software, but most companies realize this and make the necessary investments to ensure it’s done right. In some cases you may also need to hire people with specific skills and titles like report writer or abstraction layer architect, but even this problem can be overcome with little effort and some budget.

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However, there is one factor that is often overlooked, is rarely mentioned by reporting software vendors, and is quite capable of completely derailing your analytics efforts. This factor (the industry’s dirty little secret, and the culprit in many failed reporting efforts) is the quality of your data.

When analytics software vendors demonstrate the amazing capabilities of their software they almost always do so using their own carefully constructed sample data. There are no meaningless or wrong entries in their data. It has no duplicates. Everything is labeled in plain English. All categories, such as location and organizational data, are logical and well organized. And most importantly, it is modeled for maximum reporting performance.

Unless you’re among the small number of companies that have already developed an enterprise data warehouse based on a star schema, your data won’t look nearly as good when you first see it through analytics software, and You’re going to be able to do very little analysis with this. In fact, if you have a lot of data sources, you might not even be able to load it unless you do some serious data integration work.

The number of data sources you have, the type of data, its level of integrity and cleanliness, and the software you purchase will all determine the type of data preparation necessary to reach different levels of analytics capability. Most companies are not ready or lack the expertise to properly integrate and organize data, and others are not even aware that such a need exists.

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In this case, buying the software can be a costly mistake. Here’s why. Each analytics software application offers different options for data sourcing, and the performance of even the most advanced apps will be directly affected by the data architecture you implement. So the choice of software can limit or expand your data integration options, or even dictate a particular approach that may not be right for you. If you buy the software first, you’re taking a huge chance that you might end up with all the right features, except for the ones that really matter when it comes to actually working with your data. .

Only by considering the data and business needs together can you determine the best combination of analytics software and data preparation approach, or estimate the total cost of your initiative.

The best practice is to consider an analytics software purchase as part of an orchestrated analytics initiative that includes, or better yet, begins with a careful analysis of your data preparation needs. This analysis, best performed by someone with extensive data staging and ideally warehousing expertise, includes profiling source data and evaluating business requirements and software/architecture options. The result should be an overall solution architecture that includes a software recommendation, a proposed data model and an estimate of the effort required to generate the data.

If you’re thinking about buying reporting software but haven’t done your homework regarding data preparation, you may want to postpone that investment until you understand the other half of the equation: your data. You will eventually have to deal with your data quality issues, and doing it first can help you avoid a purchase that may quickly feel like a mistake.

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Assuming the decision to buy, rather than build, business intelligence software is made, you should explore software options and find the best fit for your company’s needs, capabilities, and budget.

1.Software Capability: Businesses need to ask themselves if the software meets (or even exceeds) your business needs. By digging deeper you’ll want to find out what this software enables you to do that you can’t already do and whether it’s better than the competition.

2. Integration: There are few situations more frustrating than buying software and then getting no value from it because you can’t integrate it with your other software and data systems.

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3. Usability: Some software are so easy that you only need instructions while others require considerable training and sometimes even the hiring of specialized staff. If the software doesn’t fit the way your team currently works, some changes will need to be made.

4. Transparency: Is the software a black box that doesn’t give you any information about what it’s doing, somewhat transparent or completely transparent?

5. Interpretability: Software that makes suggestions and answers is only useful if you can interpret the output and then use it to guide, prompt or drive business decisions.

6. Industry Usage: It is always important to know what is happening in the industry. Is this software at the bleeding edge, leading edge, a fast follower or an industry standard? What is your competitive advantage if so many competitors are using it? Also use it? If it is not commonly used, why not?

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7. Customization: Sometimes we want the software to be able to adapt to our specific business needs i.e. we may need customization but not all software is customizable.

8. Technical Support: You bought it but need help! What support is available from the software vendor or the wider community? How responsive are they? If there are additional costs for this support you need to factor this into your budget.

9. Costs: We are in business! You may consider a formal cost/benefit analysis if it is known that the software options produce different expected benefits. Otherwise, check what are the initial and ongoing costs, technical support and training, software upgrades. Also whether you need to hire additional staff or consultants to get value from the software.

10. Prioritize: Weight the above criteria appropriately. A scorecard can be created by selecting the above criteria and then adding appropriate weights. Remember that it is perfectly fine to have some weights as zero. Business intelligence is critical to making informed business decisions. Learn the basics about BI, including its benefits, use cases and leading software.

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