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Finest Business Intelligence Software Honor – Creating an experience in the SaaS space is critical when you want to delight your customers, with you every step of the way

Just tries to do that We take a fresh approach to how businesses discover, engage and realize value from software throughout their journey.

Finest Business Intelligence Software Honor

Over the past few years, prospective/existing users have used G2’s growing community of trusted reviewers to make informed software purchasing decisions for their businesses.

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G2 analyzes every review that comes in to verify authenticity before displaying it on the sites As a recurring initiative, the team has evaluated testimonials and reviews from 2021 and curated a ‘Best Software’ award list. They reveal that the Best Software Awards are earned by companies around the world that provide best-in-class products and experiences for their customers. It is our honor to be a part of this distinguished list and win 10 awards through the various products we offer, keeping in mind the company’s vision.

Being recognized with products like Gong and Salesforce and winning 10 awards is what keeps us motivated to deliver the best to our customers. Here’s what we’ve got –

With 900+ reviews and an overall star rating of 4.6/5, Fresh Serve won the following awards –

With 930+ reviews and an overall star rating of 4.6/5, Freshless won the following awards –

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With 220+ reviews and an overall star rating of 4.4/5, Freshdesk Messaging won the following awards –

With 750+ reviews and an overall star rating of 4.6/5, Fresh Shopping won the following awards –

Additionally, it has won two overall best software awards as a global vendor and an Indian vendor. For more information, you can visit G2’s page

It makes awards and recognitions like this even more special when our customers advocate for us! We will continue to deliver the best experiences and software that help businesses delight their customers and employees M-Brain, a leading global provider of competitive and market intelligence solutions, today announced that Forrester Research has launched the Forrester Wave™: Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform, Q2 2023 report. Using a 24-criteria assessment, Forrester awarded M-Brain the highest rating in the Current Offerings and Strategy category among 14 significant global market and competitive intelligence platform vendors. With its generative AI capabilities and more than 200,000 accessible global data sources, what Forster cites as “exceptional.” In Forrester’s report, M-Brain is also recognized as the only natural language query in the business, providing a unique solution for the customer only.

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In this hyper-competitive global environment, companies have a critical need for accurate, real-time and easily accessible intelligence to help them make better, more insightful decisions. This means adopting intelligent tools that offer unprecedented range, flawless accuracy and a convenient and easy-to-use interface. With its global delivery capabilities, advanced ease-of-use features and unmatched AI platform, M-Brain continues to bring trusted AI solutions to the market, laying the foundation for user success.

“Our AI capabilities draw from 20 years of human-generated content, including more than 20 million analyst-written business summaries, to allow for a solution from data datasets and global, industry-specific data sources that provide accurate market and competitive intelligence and is almost impossible Copy,” said Kimo Havu, CEO of Valona Intelligence. With our history of success, our clients are reaping the business impact competitive research promises – without the need for time-consuming manual analysis or the uncertainty associated with less reliable AI solutions.

Despite its current offering, Valona continues to analyze and refine its platform capabilities. “Valona has sharpened its vision and strategy with a refined focus on target industries and regions, a redesigned user interface and updated packaging that includes value-added services for enterprise-grade offerings,” Forrester said in the report. Its robust product roadmap is built through 2024 and focuses on its state-of-the-art AI engine, chat, visualization and integration.

“It is an honor to be recognized by Forrester as a leader in their market and competitive intelligence assessment,” said Havo. “And we’re not settled. What we have now developed will help customers save time and still be more confident that the right insights are available at every level of the organization. We’re setting a new standard for future business anticipation, allowing users to achieve more and consistently make effective, strategic decisions. “

Business Systems & Analytics Major

“Forrester’s assessment of our offering as a leader is thanks to the team that builds Valona’s customer base and is laser-focused on putting them first,” he said.

“The ‘human’ element is not an afterthought for us, it is an integral part of everything we do,” said Havu.

Valona, ​​formerly known as M-Brain, is a leading global provider of competitive and market intelligence solutions and services. More than 500 organizations are supported by Valona’s team of more than 200 experts in the field of intelligence Valona helps clients stay up-to-date and organized on market trends, industry insights and reports. The company filters, analyzes and packages information in an easy-to-understand format, at all scales. Valona combines best-in-class AI with expert human analysts to deliver actionable, reliable insights to more than 250,000 business users worldwide.

Providing media services since 1999, M-Brain has global distribution capabilities across 12 offices in Europe, America and Asia and is unique in serving global enterprises with far-reaching operations. Companies such as Goodyear, Dunkin, Bosch, Philips and Cintas have trusted M-Brain as their market intelligence solution, service and content provider. For more information, visit www

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Experience Valona with an interactive demo! No obligations, no hidden terms – just a golden opportunity to witness how our competitive intelligence platform can revolutionize your business.

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OpenWashReck is recognized as the top-rated vendor of payment processing platforms by a global research and consulting group.

Education Brochure B School Trifold

TheAite Matrix: Payment Processing PlatformSports report showed that OpenWayStay was the only payment solution vendor to be ranked as the “Best Inclusive” for both the Best Productivity, and Vendor Power categories for its high scores.

Aite’s analysts evaluated seven short-listed technology vendors that provide card issuing and merchant acquisition software solutions for retail banks and processors. Evaluation criteria include vendor consistency, client strength, product features and client service Based on the results of the research, Aite divided the companies into three groups: best in class, competitors and retired/emerging.

“Best in Class,” the group OpenWay was the only directly named member of, serves to identify leaders in this vendor market. IfaCompany scores “best in class”, as research confirms, it has strong financials, a diverse client base and a robust product offering with industry-leading functionality and reliable client service. Basically, this is the player that everyone else has to chase

“Competitors” Groupeport lists five vendors Despite their stable business and client base, some of them reported sometimes struggling to identify the next big market trends or product features, while others failed to update overall performance and infrastructure due to inconsistent R&D or IT investment. Finally, another vendor was placed in the “excess/emerging” group, which, according to Aite Group, is reserved for “players with a large potential for future growth or established vendors with stable offerings.”

Grammarly Recognized Again Among Inc.’s Best Workplaces, Adding To Time 100 And Fast Company Honors For Innovation

OpenWay is the global developer and vendor of Way4, a digital payment software platform covering every aspect of the card payment business, from card issuers and merchants to transaction switches, digital wallets, and fleets. Way4 software solutions are used worldwide by tier-1 and startup bankcard issuers and merchant acquirers, payment and fleet card processors, fintechs, national payment schemes, oil and telecommunications companies. The platform can be installed and run on-premise or in the cloud, comes with rich APIs to support the payment ecosystem and provides real-time payment data analytics for a better customer experience.

Banks need to invest in payment modernization to stay competitive and generate new revenue. Choosing the right payment software platform is essential to achieving that goal To inform the market, Aite Group assessed the competitive position of seven global technology vendors that provide card issuance and merchant platforms. Research shows that the payment software platform market is robust and highly competitive, with most vendors being close competitors. Overall, OpenWay achieved the highest score based on evaluation criteria and customer feedback, positioning the firm as a solid candidate for banks and FIs looking to replace their payment software platform. “

“Aite Matrix’s deep scope and methodology is impressive, especially given the complexity of the payments market! It is an honor for OpenWay to be the only vendor to be clearly named in the “Best in Class” category by Aite. This recognition would not be possible without our customers and their trust in our team What we bring together is often exceptional, the quality of new ideas, the efficiency of implementation, and the scale and speed of their business growth. I

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