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Finest Business Intelligence Software 2019 – Effective data visualization and business intelligence solutions can bring enormous benefits to a business. However, it is important to find the right solution for your organization. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2019 offers a wide range of solutions, with Tableau, QlikView/QlikSense and Microsoft PowerBI at the top.

Data is growing at breakneck speed today, and businesses are generating more data than ever before. Business Intelligence and visualization have become a separate function in organizations as technology has evolved from using advanced Excel sheets to sophisticated tools.

Finest Business Intelligence Software 2019

Companies use a variety of business intelligence tools and platforms to create meaningful visualizations from volumes of data. Tools are being developed to not only reflect trends, graphs, infographics, but also generate useful information. There are various tools and major competitors in the BI and visualization space.

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Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms lists some of the best tools and platforms, with Tableau, Qlik, and Microsoft being the recognized leaders in the field.

Tableau is a leader in BI and visualization. It provides an easy-to-use analytics solution and interactive dashboards. It works very well with Big Data engineering platforms and machine learning for data visualization. It can connect to structured/unstructured data sources such as Excel, text files, JSON, statistical data, Oracle, Teradata, SAP HANA and MongoDB. It also connects to the cloud and advanced data sources, including Amazon Athena, Amazon Redshift, Google Cloud SQL, and Hadoop.

One of the key reasons for Tableau’s popularity is its intuitive use and allows you to create meaningful visualizations with simple drag and drop functionality through the patented VizQL technology that supports the concept of self-service BI.

The Tableau team has introduced a new feature called “Hyper” that uses parallelism techniques to perform analysis on large, complex datasets along with high performance. In addition, they also added new data management features in Tableau Server version 10.4. The machine learning based recommender also automatically suggests logic when it comes to joins, tables, etc.

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Tableau easily supports an organization’s data strategy, whether it’s on-premise or in a public cloud like AWS, Azure or others. By moving from a perpetual license fee to software as a subscription service with role-based pricing (browser, creator, explorer), Tableau has helped customers lower total cost of ownership.

QlikSense is the next-generation self-service analytics platform from Qlik. QlikView has a user-friendly interface, but requires basic professional SQL development skills to create meaningful visualizations. Users can easily create interactive dashboards and analytics applications.

The platform offers new features such as augmented intelligence capabilities, self-service visualization, mobile analytics, data storytelling, application development – open API, multi-cloud architecture and cognitive engine. Qlik’s associative model enables data exploration and discovery for users who require less IT software knowledge. It works on data associations and guides the user along a self-guided path to hidden insights.

QlikView offers default and custom connectors for connecting to a wide range of Big Data and cloud data sources. Unpacking is particularly helpful when performing a detailed analysis of a business problem. The learning curve for QlikView can be a little steep, but once the interfaces and bridges to other systems are set up, it provides better analytics from a discovery perspective.

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QlikView and QlikSense help create data cubes, so it is also often considered a data mart by companies with a strong data management model. The scripting process enables developers to perform ETL (Extract Transform Load) functions. The previous QlikView pricing model was considered expensive by many customers, but QlikSense is offered with a flexible user-based pricing model.

Microsoft PowerBI is a cloud-based BI service and is available in two forms: PowerBI Desktop and PowerBI Mobile. PowerBI offers 74 data connectors including files like Excel, text, JSON; databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, IBM and Azure; online services such as Dynamic 365, Azure DevOps, Google analytics, Salesforce, Mailchimp and Zendesk.

PowerBI is known for its ease of use with the desktop edition offering robust data preparation. Big data can now be integrated directly with a web service, enabling data reuse. PowerBI has a huge gallery of custom visuals; so the same data can be presented in many ways.

PowerBI allows you to connect different data sources and helps to correlate them. Users can create visualizations using natural language, made possible by the personal assistant Cortana. PowerBI comes at competitive prices compared to other vendors with three subscription levels – Desktop, Pro and Premium.

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There are many other effective tools on the market that are gaining ground. Major ones include Sisense, Looker, ThoughtSpot, SalesForce, SAP, SAS, Domo, GoodData and Microstrategy. While the leading tools are packed with features that can meet the needs of most organizations, choosing the right tool and vendor depends on what your business is looking for.

Offers BI and visualization services including expertise in cutting-edge tools and technologies along with advice on tool assessment, selection and evaluation. Contact us for guidance, assistance and solutions related to business intelligence and data visualization.

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It allows you to manipulate your company’s data in a variety of ways, but you’re actually paying for customer service. You get to know the team and they do everything they can to make their product easier to use and understand; whether that means additional help or finding other solutions to your problems. I had a problem with a small bug and the team tried to fix it quickly and kept me updated. You feel important as a customer. I use the site several times a day. It’s faster than going through my company’s data on our side and always shows exactly what I need to see without getting bogged down with extra stuff.

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