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Crystal Business Intelligence Software – SAP Crystal Reports is a business intelligence (BI) on-premise solution for Windows suitable for small to medium-sized businesses across multiple industries. It combines the reporting capabilities of SAP Crystal Reports with the secure delivery process of SAP Crystal Server. It allows reporting expenses in mobile applications for iOS and Android. The system provides the ability to write customized reports from many data sources and visualize data in reports, dashboards and scorecards, displaying KPIs and other metrics related to project or departmental performance. It offers multi-language support for 28 languages. Languages ​​covered include English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, and Simplified Chinese. SAP Crystal Report…

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Crystal Business Intelligence Software

It is a traditional reporting tool used in many financial organizations. I have used SAP Crystal Reports 12 in my organization. We can design highly formatted reports using this tool. It can connect to multiple data sources like ODBC, OLE DB etc. We can generate reports with different formats like pdf, csv, txt, xls etc. We can also generate html, xml reports. The price of this tool is also cheap. We can create detailed graphics, instrument panels.

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There are some written exercises based on SAP Crystal Reports that facilitate learning. Integration with various development IDEs is optimized. It is compatible with most popular database administrators, MYSQL, SQLSERVER, POSTGRESQL. And more… Crystal’s designer is awesome, drag and drop add-ons to create your reports.

I had a lot of problems and spent a lot of time trying to adjust the spacing between the rows. I hope that in the future, SAP Crystal Reports will make this even easier. Pre-formed and blocked sheet shapes should be blocked to avoid leaving margins.

Crystal Reports allowed me to streamline my inventory refresh ordering and my custom ordering process into a single automated report. After setting re-order points for all my stock items I was able to get instant reports telling me when to order and avoid stock outs. At the same time every day, I run my report, save it as an Excel file and forward it to my production facility!

Steep learning curve, but worth it. There is also a reliance on having good clean source data. Crystal Reports can actually point out some deficiencies in your source data and generate more work in the short term.

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Fast loading software but with major limitations in editing multiple files at the same time and handling embedded graphics

Unfriendly interface and difficulties in debugging and generating complex reports Difficulty managing embedded images and field management logic to review compared to competitive products

Best in class application for generating reports, simple and with great features, one of my best development tools

Lots of features, used it for years and generated 500+ reports, easily loved it Can connect many different databases and connection providers Support sub reports, drill down reports and hyperlinks Conditional formatting and report wizard Microsoft used for creating dashboards, charts with tools

Crystal Reports Working, Examples, And Uses

I think it needs some kind of subscription feature like SSRS

It is a very good software for any industry to know and find daily analysis Get correct and true status We don’t have to go to the warehouse or plant because sitting in the office we can know the production of the plant and the dispatch from the warehouse

It takes some time to download the report. Can only be run on the system where it is installed, not able to access and use smart phones.

SAP Crystal ReportsVS Jira SAP Crystal ReportsVS Asana SAP Crystal ReportsVS Canva SAP Crystal ReportsVS Google Analytics 360 Companies have many choices in how they want to build business intelligence assets. There is a broad consensus that many businesses simply cannot afford to ignore this aspect of the enterprise any longer. With so many good tools and technologies at hand, companies that aren’t taking a magnifying glass to things like product data, customer relationships and sales numbers are simply missing out. Here we compare three popular BI tools: Cognos vs. Business Objects vs. Crystal Reports. Compare Cognos, Business Objects and Crystal Reports against your needs Compare SAP Business Objects vs. IBM Cognos Analytics, both application suites popular for conducting critical business intelligence research. Often this consideration/discussion includes the SAP Crystal Report, so we’ll explain how it fits in. To better understand the benefits of these three BI platforms, it is important to check their top features [addtoany] Compare BI prices and costs with our pricing guide Advantages and Disadvantages Data visualization makes IBM Cognos a platform for “smart self-service” to help users personalize results and create modern dashboards from anywhere in the cloud Promotes the ability to give In addition to standard visualization-building features, Cognos BI takes report creation a step further with recommendations. As users choose data to visualize, the system suggests which type of graph, map, or diagram would best display the information. BusinessObjects is promoted by SAP as performing “smart visualization” so that data is truly presentable and digestible to the audience. The report building feature of the software accesses SQL queries to provide the required data. Beyond simple visualization elements (images, text, charts, etc.), BusinessObjects include properties that can be used to create infographics within reports. There is BusinessObjects Design Studio for creating multidimensional dashboards with other tools like SAP NetWeaver. Rich formatting tools allow for detailed customization options with Crystal Reports The program can use simple and complex data sources to sort, analyze and display reporting in the most effective format for a specific recipient. If your company focuses heavily on creating custom reports and requires complex data correlation, Crystal Reports may be a good choice. An added benefit is the program’s ability to generate reports in 28 different languages. When comparing Crystal Reports vs. business objects vs. Cognos, the intuitiveness of the IBM Cognos BI visualization platform puts the software above its SAP competitors for this feature. Compare Cognos, business objects, and Crystal reports against the data visualization features you need from IBM Cognos Analytics. Analytics Through Cognos Analytics, IBM provides businesses with a solution for data comparison and benchmarking, predictive analytics, trend forecasting, social media analytics and mapping functionality. The software is an AI machine learning tool that focuses on uncovering unseen trends and insights. Automated BI features ensure little need for initial data preparation. Additional analytics capabilities include Cognos Content Analytics, which handles analysis of unstructured data. IBM Cognos Statistics allows for statistical reporting. SAP BusinessObjects has a comprehensive solution that analyzes past data and predicts future possibilities to provide context to the current state of your business. This all-inclusive approach to data analysis provides deeper insights and, by association, more informed decision-making. Specific analytical capabilities include updates in real time and self-service functionality. With these features, all members of an organization can access accurate, insightful data portraits. As the name suggests, Crystal Reports is an enterprise reporting system rather than a standard business intelligence tool. However, the more streamlined functionality of the software does not compromise its analysis capabilities. The program brings insights forward through filtering, organizational tools and search systems. When comparing Cognos vs. Business Objects and Crystal Reports, SAP BusinessObjects has the most advanced analytics capabilities of the three systems. Compare Cognos, Business Objects and Crystal Reports against the data analysis you need with SAP BusinessObjects. Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Cognos BI centers information in an OLAP space where users can drill into the data to explore layers, uncovering the source of problems and possible solutions. Complementing the standard OLAP features, IBM Cognos Analysis Studio offers additional data exploration capabilities and time series analysis. With SAP BusinessObjects, analysts can tap into OLAP data cubes. Through drill-down analysis, calculations and data modeling, the information stored in the cube hierarchy is brought to the fore. Beyond analysis levels, BusinessObjects users can pull specific data points for further investigation. Powerful reporting tools with drill-down capabilities reveal key business insights in OLAP cube reports created in SAP Crystal Reports. Users can connect to OLAP sources through the software, enabling data layer searches Crystal Reports, Business Objects, Cognos – all three systems have standard OLAP capabilities and are equal in this category. Document Management Users of IBM Cognos Analytics can convert reports to HTML, XML, PDF, CSV, and Microsoft Excel files Extensions provide version control capabilities. SAP BusinessObjects streamlines report sharing with supported formats. Reports can be exported as PDF, text file, Excel spreadsheet and more. The program has a lifecycle management tool to manage version control. Using these features, report creators can distribute data visualizations across their organization via web-based and mobile platforms. With Crystal Reports, information is available offline or online in a variety of formats. Users can share their creations via web, mobile, email

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