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Business Intelligence Software Suppliers Directory Site – Open-source intelligence (OSINT) refers to the collection and analysis of publicly available information, especially from online sources. The sheer amount of digital data is considered the biggest challenge of any OSINT collection task. Fortunately, there are a number of OSINT tools and techniques that can be used to assist OSINT assemblies in this task.

In today’s information age, OSINT can be used in various areas as described in our first OSINT white paper. Companies use it to monitor their competitors, to gain insights into market trends and customer perceptions of a certain product/service.

Business Intelligence Software Suppliers Directory Site

Governments and law enforcement agencies, on the other hand, use it to fight crime and terrorism, to predict global trends, and to provide timely and actionable information to policymakers to make informed decisions.

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In the domain of cyber security, OSINT tools are used to discover leaked data or to capture vulnerabilities in IT systems in addition to their important use in counterintelligence activities (identifying and countering threats to IT systems originating from cyberspace).

At, our analysts and consultants are constantly looking for new OSINT features to integrate into our data fusion platform. We use OSINT for data leak detection, risk assessment of your vendors, or for analyzing your competitors.

In this white paper, we want to share powerful OSINT tools, online services, or tactics with you. These tools are your entry point for gathering intelligence from the Internet about any organization or entity. If you need more tools, check out the OSINT Framework.

The technical footprint, also known as cyber reconnaissance, is the first task performed by penetration testers and attackers before launching an attack. Your goal as a hacker is to gather as much information as possible about your target’s IT system, such as

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Footprint analysis reveals potential entry points and target network size. In a broad sense, footprinting is considered a part of OSINT.

However, OSINT does not stop at collecting technical information. You can apply OSINT analysis to any entity including individuals by examining all available public sources such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or other services.

Now, to understand how you can use OSINT tools in practice to collect a wide range of information about any online entity, let’s say we have a website of an organization where information must be collected legally.

The first technical information we need to gather about any website is the type of web technology used by it, such as

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Knowing this information, we can search for vulnerabilities that target any specific technology. There are many online services to get information about the technology of a website. The two most popular are:

The given figure shows how we used the BuiltWith service to retrieve information about the organization in question. The results returned were comprehensive and opened the door for further investigations into any technology used on this site.

Armed with this information, we can go into vulnerability databases that list security vulnerabilities and exploits associated with each technology and operating system.

For example, in our previous example, the goal was using WordPress as a content management system. So, let’s go to CVE Details and look for vulnerabilities associated with WordPress.

Powerful Osint Tools For Analyzing Organizations

You may ask now why you should do an analysis like this. Vulnerability analysis with OSINT tools is of great interest when dealing with vendor risk management or technical due diligence.

According to Gartner, cybersecurity ratings will become as important as credit ratings when assessing the risk of business relationships.

Sometimes, a business may have more than one website. OSINT tools can help you discover many websites of a particular company. Such information has great intelligence value for the intelligence of competitors.

There are several technical methods to find related domain names. However, it may not work if a company owns another domain name that is in no way related to its main domain name.

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Google Analytics, which is a service for measuring your advertising ROI, can be used to get this information by following these steps:

The digital archive of the World Wide Web reveals important information about the history of any website. The information collected may contain

For the risk assessment of the seller, we can expect to obtain a large amount of information by revealing all the subdomains of the target domain such as:

Using traditional tools, it is difficult to identify the organization’s IT solutions. OSINT tools can help identify IT infrastructure.

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Career websites contain millions of job applicant resumes publicly available for anyone to see. A simple search on one of these sites can reveal important information about critical security systems and the types of servers and network devices used by the target organization.

For example, we tried to find all the text files hosted on a target domain name. We were lucky enough to find an important file containing the password hashes of some of the target accounts.

Similarly, we can search for leaked account credentials on Pastebin or anonymous file sharing websites with advanced Google dorks.

Whatever your goals, OSINT techniques can be used to gather information about any online entity. In this white paper, we tried to give a practical example that shows how OSINT tools can be used to track the digital footprint of an organization. But, as you can see, such an analysis takes time and requires expert knowledge.

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At , we spend a huge effort to automate more and more steps of OSINT analysis and to make them available for our solutions based on the data fusion platform. all in a moment.

Ubah date mentah menjadi reportar dansbor informatif. Lacak metric bisnis utama, lihat tren longka panjang, identification penyimpangan, lalu buat projeksinya.

Hubungkan ke various sources, seperti file dan feed, popular business apps, cloud database dan local, aplikasi kustom, dan banyak lagi. Just use our practical connector.

Use the penyiapan modul dan manijan data mandiri extra kami untuk cleaning, changing, perfecting, dan making catalog data that will be analyzed.

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Beinteraksilah dengan AI pintar kami, dapatkan information secara automatika at once practical, project train, lakan cognitive analysis dan scenario, siapkan penginat smarta, dan banyak lagi.

Buat reportan dansbor yang informative as well as interactive seret dan putukuk kami yang sederem. Use different types of bags, widgets, pivot tables, and display components for memvisualisasikan data Anda.

Collaborate with users through sharing features that are restricted by permission. Go to the team member and directly reply to each comment of the report. Rapat pun tidak lagi boring dengan mempresentasikan reporta menggunakan slideshow. Sajikan data business with interesting narratives.

Minimal model dan tanpa kode yang facilit Anda membuat dan menyematkan analytic. Or, siapkan portal analytic company dalam brand Anda. Platform yang luar biasa adaptability and flexibility to meet business needs Anda.

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Analytics received very good feedback in the latest “BI Survey 21” report from BARC, getting the top 12 ranking score and 28 percent of 5 group categories.

Niche Player Niche Analysis from the Magic Quadrant Gartner 2022 untuk Platform Analitik ek Inteligensi Bisnis.Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the processes, technologies and tools that organizations use to collect, analyze and present data in a significant way to support strategic. decision In today’s data-driven world, BI has become an essential aspect of any successful business. With the ability to transform raw data into actionable insights, BI enables companies to gain a competitive advantage, optimize operations and identify new opportunities.

1.) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI and ML are revolutionizing BI by enabling advanced analytics, predictive modeling and automated data processing. These technologies will continue to evolve, increasing BI capabilities and making data-driven decision making even more powerful.

2.) Augmented Analytics: Augmented analytics combines AI, natural language processing and data visualization to provide users with self-service analytics capabilities. This trend will allow business users to explore data independently, allowing a faster and more informed decision.

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3.) Cloud-based BI: Cloud-based BI solutions are gaining popularity due to their scalability, cost-effectiveness and ease of implementation. The future will witness increasing adoption of cloud-based BI platforms, enabling organizations to leverage big data analytics and real-time insights.

4.) Embedded BI: Embedded BI integrates data analytics directly into business applications, allowing users to access and analyze data without switching between systems. This approach will become more prevalent as organizations strive to provide seamless data access and analysis within their existing workflows.

5.) Real-Time Analytics: With the advent of IoT and fast data processing technologies, real-time analytics will become the norm. Businesses will leverage real-time data to gain competitive advantage and respond quickly to market changes.

6.) Self-Service BI: Empowering non-technical users to access and analyze data through intuitive self-service BI tools will continue to gain momentum, democratizing data and fostering a data-driven culture in organizations.

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After exhaustive research, I have meticulously curated a list of the top 10 Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting Companies in the US and India. These selections represent the cream of the crop in the BI industry, reflecting hours of dedicated effort to identify the best players in the field.

1.) Innosoft Group:- Innosoft Group is the ultimate choice for business intelligence consulting services. Its business intelligence consulting team specializes in

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