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Mobile phones and tablets are more than additional computing platforms. Users interact with devices wherever they go, making space an integral part of the process.

Business Intelligence Software Mobile Phones

With mobility now more important than ever, almost all employees in organizations will benefit from easier access to data and analysis at the decision point while on the move with their mobile devices.

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Mobile business intelligence puts data where the work is done – in hallway conversations, site visits, and conversations with partners and customers.

Mobile BI has expanded not only the “where”, but also the “who”. It offered easy access to information for salespeople, warehouse managers, service representatives, and others who rarely sit at a computer desk.

By delivering rich, targeted analytics on the devices people use, mobile BI eliminates time spent searching for answers.

Designing for mobile is more than just being responsive. As BI evolves to embrace mobile technology, these seven best practices will help disseminate information with an on-the-go audience in mind.

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Prevent the dashboard from spreading. Do not recreate main panels for different devices. This will require many hours of content development and pipeline management. Instead, adopt an “author once, share everywhere” approach.

It is best to choose software that detects different devices and provides the best layout for different device types. By aligning your panels, you can save a lot of time.

The main difference between publishing analytics on mobile and desktop is that users are looking at a very specific piece of data to act on immediately.

As you begin to evaluate your dashboards with mobile users in mind, a few guidelines will help make the process much easier for your end users.

Business Intelligence Software & Analytics Tools

When your user is out in the world, doing something they wouldn’t do at a desk, they have something they don’t have – context. The first and most useful part of context is location. GPS in smartphones can allow end users to find what they need more quickly.

After location, the sensors in our smartphones are the camera. Cameras on phones can be used to read barcodes or QR codes. Down the road, image detection can be an input that helps select elements in the data.

Phones and tablets are both social devices. For example, texting a picture of a dashboard with a note to a colleague. On the other hand, tablets are convenient to carry, they turn on instantly and are easy to pass back and forth.

Telephone and wireless networks may not be available in all locations where you need data. Offline access is key for working outside the network or in a slow network zone. The simplest possible solution to offline access is to take snapshots of your most used dashboards. Snapshots should be able to update automatically in the background without having to remember to update them yourself.

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To get the most out of mobile, you need a strategy that leverages your existing BI assets and adapts them to the mobile environment. Each of these best practices is critical to the success of a mobile business intelligence project. Together, they will help you make a thoughtful transition to the mobile era. As we take business intelligence off the table, collaboration, analytics and security will continue to evolve.

It’s the fastest way to stay up to date with your data on your mobile tablet or phone. With fast and fluid viewing, you can go from question to insight in just a few taps. To learn more about Mobile BI, we invite you to contact our in-house BI experts.

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“Mobile BI should provide access to data analytics for all business users and, above all, provide agile, flexible solutions that can be used at all levels to collaborate, share and report information, and communicate clearly.”

Mobile BI tools can support team members when traveling, working from home, and collaborating with other team members from a client office, airport, train station, or supplier location.

According to recent research, the single most important benefit of Mobile Business Intelligence is increased data visibility. Another way to look at it is to consider the lost opportunities and the many missteps an organization faces when it fails to view its data in real-time and comprehensively across the enterprise.

Google Looker App On The Screen Smartphone. Google Cloud Looker Is A Business Intelligence Software And Big Data Analytics Platform. Moscow, Russia

Don’t try to dictate the device type, screen size or resolution. Make sure you choose a mobile BI solution that will satisfy all kinds of devices. Choose a responsive and adaptive user interface (UI) – an interface that provides self-service tools without redesigning or restructuring the dashboard for specific devices or screens. You can increase total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve return on investment (ROI) with tools that are flexible and easy to use in any environment.

Empower your users with integrated business intelligence tools that provide access to data in an interactive, personalized view and enable data sharing, identifying trends and patterns, user empowerment and accountability. Built-in mobile BI tools should support your users with tools that make it easy to understand data analytics and use data for reporting, presentation, and collaboration with customized dashboards.

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