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Business Intelligence Software Assessment Design Theme – Master Power BI skills by gaining hands-on experience in these amazing Power BI projects in 2022 |

Are you preparing for your next BI developer interview? Check out these Power BI projects that will amaze you with interactive Power BI dashboards, exceptional graphs and charts, and many more features.

Business Intelligence Software Assessment Design Theme

It is said that almost 80% of industrial data is “unstructured”. The global Business Intelligence market is expected to reach $33.3 billion by 2025, according to a GlobalNewswire report. The significant growth of the business intelligence market is based on numerous factors such as increasing focus on digital transformation, increased funding in analytics, increased demand for data visualization dashboards, growing use of the cloud, and generation of more big data. Data information, improved quality and accurate data condensed into a single document have become more critical. Companies interested in capitalizing on data should invest in a business intelligence system.

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We’ll look at some interesting examples of Power BI projects in this blog to help you better understand the role of Power BI in data science and how it can help businesses thrive.

Microsoft Power BI is a Business Intelligence service that allows you to create visually rich interactive dashboards and reports based on raw business data acquired from various sources. In addition to the variety of applications, connectors and services offered by Power BI, there are three core elements built into Power BI-

Business users use these services to collect data and generate BI reports. All three of these components are intended to help build, share and leverage business intelligence in the most efficient way possible for any business. Some of the benefits of using Power BI include:

There are various tools and techniques for analytics and machine learning in the fascinating and vast field of data science. Power BI is a high-level all-in-one solution for data analysis in data science. Data science helps uncover relevant and productive trends and insights. It involves analyzing the data and also helps us to identify completely new features in it. Business Intelligence digs into data to extract meaningful organizational insights and insights. BI improves and strengthens the business infrastructure to achieve the desired or projected results.

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Many data science and analysis tasks can be automated with Power BI, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and static presentation tools. One of the most impressive features of Power-most BI is its ability to create stunning visualizations. The software is packed with excellent and attractive visualization templates. Integrating Power BI into Data Science is of particular business importance. This enables smooth and efficient visualization of data, which plays a vital role in the success of an organization.

With Power BI, visualization in Data Science can be taken one step further. Businesses and scientists rely heavily on Power BI-assisted data visualization for various projects. Numerous types of visualization and charts are available in Power BI to create effective visualization for data science projects.

There are two ways to generate visualization in Power BI. First, add items to the Report Canvas in the right panel. Another way you can do this is by dragging the fields from the right sidebar to the values ​​axis in the View. By default, Power BI selects the table type view. For each axis, you can add as many fields as needed. You can also click and drag the view to rearrange it in the report panel. You can easily switch between different charts and views in the viewport. The fields you specify are converted to the new visual format as accurately as possible.

This blog lists 15 Microsoft Power BI projects for you. We have categorized these Power BI examples into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. You can choose any of these power bi projects for practice to improve your Data Science skills.

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In this section, we have included some Power BI projects for students. These simple Power BI projects will enable you to understand business intelligence applications and build a successful career as a data scientist.

The Customer Abandonment Analysis project is one of the simplest and most popular Power BI example projects. Customer consumption analysis reveals regional customer product sales and profits. Analytical users can use it to analyze regional business growth in different geographies to gain valuable insights and distribute profits among customers. They can receive rich data using the right views and data structure. The project includes regional cash inflows and product-specific customer losses over time.

For this beginner-friendly project, use the customer segmentation dataset available on Kaggle. On the analysis overview page, you can use combo charts, cards, bar charts, tables, or line charts; for your customer segmentation page, you can use column charts, bubble charts, dot maps, tables, etc.

Businesses need to keep detailed records of their sales for a variety of reasons. However, if there is too much data, it often becomes difficult to keep track of everything. Analyzing sales data allows companies to keep track of sales and answer all critical questions about their performance.

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This sales data analysis project involves analyzing a company’s sales data and indicating profit per product, sales, and other significant factors that could influence the company’s performance. You can use the Microsoft sample data set. The dataset must be connected to Power BI Desktop to remove irrelevant data before viewing and exporting the filtered data as dashboards. The dashboard could use Power BI visualization types such as pie charts, bar charts, donut charts, funnel charts, etc.

The idea of ​​the project is to present the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns and the performance of product groups and platforms using any marketing analytics data set. This project is an excellent approach for a marketing manager to evaluate the success of marketing campaigns.

Use the Marketing Analytics dataset available on Kaggle for this entry-level project. For your data visualization dashboard, you can explore many of the Power BI visualization types, such as Bar Charts for Category Spend, Column Charts for Campaign Success Rate, Smart Narratives for displaying campaign highlights, Bubble charts for customers. wise spending, cards to display individual data information etc.

Financial performance analysis is one of the most interesting Power BI project ideas for beginners. This approach to the business intelligence project is based on optimizing financial analysis for a firm that provides accounting services to clients who want timely delivery of critical financial reports. You can configure analytics to quickly access reliable financial data. The project could be used to: Migrate traditional financial reports from Excel to current BI dashboards and provide clients with an effective tool to track their financial health and productivity.

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Check out the financial data set for several companies available on Kaggle. You can use Power BI data visualization in this project for three different cases –

For the income statement page, you can use cards, funnel charts, and combo charts (line charts and column charts); and

This business intelligence project idea allows those in the Animal Health sector to effectively track the sale of products dedicated to the treatment of small animal species. Businesses can instantly compare product sales in top and bottom cities. The project could generate a detailed report on group-wide therapeutic sales and sales trends for any specified period.

You can check out the pharmaceutical sales dataset available on Kaggle. For data visualization on Power BI, you can use Tables to display therapeutic sales by group, Column charts for monthly sales trends; Bar charts for top and bottom cities; and you can also include treemaps, flashcards, smart narratives, etc. You can also check out the Microsoft Power BI community for some sample power bi projects for beginners.

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If you are already familiar with Power BI data visualization tool and willing to further strengthen your data analysis skills as a Data Scientist, here are some power bi projects for resume-

The first Power BI project idea I came up with is Anomaly Detection in Credit Card Transactions. Anomaly detection is a machine learning technique for detecting unusual things, events, or observations that differ markedly from the rest of the data and appear suspicious. You can implement this machine learning method in three ways – supervised (for labeled datasets), semi-supervised (for normally trained datasets), and unsupervised (for unlabeled datasets).

For this project, you can use the Delaware Credit Card Dataset available on their Open Data Platform or Kaggle’s Credit Card Fraud Detection Dataset. First you need to import the dataset into Power BI desktop, perhaps through a web connector. You can then use Power BI to train your anomaly detector or use a pre-trained model. To tag outliers in Power BI, you’ll need to run a Python script in the Power Query Editor and use the get_outliers() method. Finally, the Power BI Dashboard can be used to visualize it. You can also train your anomaly detection model in any IDE or Notebook and then push it to Power BI for labeling. You can visualize data in the Power BI dashboard using line charts, bubble charts, tree maps, etc.

Automatic Machine Learning (AutoML) is the technique of automating the time-consuming iterative processes of machine learning. Enables data scientists and analysts to quickly build machine learning models while keeping

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